Here at MOSS 94 we can provide a wide range of hunting opportunities for the whitetail enthusiast. Our bow hunts can be anything from a warm weather kill in full velvet to a deep freeze stand over a late season food source. The velvet hunts take place in early September and with our season opener being so early chances of taking a fuzzy horned brute are excellent. These are the first hunts of the year and the deer are often conditioned to farming activity. Soybean crop years are the best and the hunts are short and relatively easy. Kentucky allows bow hunters a lengthy season lasting from around September 1st through January 15th. Our late season hunts can be action packed with large numbers of deer encounters. We always remember that the colder it gets the more they have to eat.

Modern gun season is the heavy lifting part of the season here at Moss 94. This season is starts the second Saturday in November and is set to coincide the heart of the rut. With the right conditions this can set the stage for a lot of bucks on their feet cruising for does and off their game of hiding. Anyone who has hunted the rut before can tell you that this can sometimes be an amazing time to be in the woods.  We hunt 8-15 people during the 3 week long season, normally harvesting 8-15 good bucks.

Chris and Lori hunted the late black powder season and smoked this cool 9 pointer

Our states black powder seasons are split with 2 days in October and 9 days in December. The October season is usually the 3rd Saturday of the month and with the acorn drop full on and pre-rut action in full swing this hunt can be absolutely unbelievable. Rattling and aggressive often work well under these conditions. The December black powder season coincides with the second chase period of our rut when the yearling does come into heat for the first time. Cold weather and some high water conditions in our river bottoms can make this the optimum time to catch a big bruiser buck out in the open.

Our youth firearms season is the second weekend in October and this is the time to be in Ky. The weather is usually good, the fall foliage is beautiful and the deer are unpressured. Being the first guns in the woods gives these young hunters a great crack at deer that are full of acorns and showing the first signs of the oncoming rut. We will only book 2-4 youth hunters each season allowing us to provide the best opportunity for success and the most enjoyable experience possible.