Ducktime in Kentucky can be spotty, but when you’re in the right spot, it’s on. We flood grain fields with elevated blinds to hunt from and maintain boats and canoes to go where we need to find em.

Early Thanksgiving season is when we take advantage of the local Mallards and Woodies as well as an early moving Gadwall, Teal or Wigeon. For that highly sought after fat Greenhead, mid-December to late January is your best bet.

Good conditions, good water, good friends and oh yeah, Ducks!

Our operations are located in game rich Crittenden, Caldwell, Hopkins and Webster Counties with a lot of our hunts taking place on and around the Tradewater River. With the Ohio River located less than 30 Miles to the north and west and Barkley and Kentucky Lake found 30 miles to the south we are sometimes positioned in the right spot for a lot of, “Traffic.”  Barkley Lake has been known to hold from 5-25 thousand birds. The Ballard Bottoms only 50 miles to our west can sometimes boast numbers of 100,000 birds using the refuge. A cold front with a stiff west wind, a little bulge in the river and look out. Days to remember and memories told as stories for years to come are made.