With the crop fields loaded with a buffet of soybeans and the food plots in full swing the deer are active and feeding hard. Our mineral stations are really proving to be beneficial and attractive this time of the year.  The bachelor groups are showing up on the trail cameras and are proving to be some very nice prospects for the season to come. Check the gallery for a few uploaded pictures of these nice ky bucks. Read More


I would like to welcome everyone to our new and improved website. It has recently been redesigned and updated with up to dated information. We are excited that another year on the ground is approaching and are very optimistic about what the upcoming hunting seasons have in store. If you have any questions or inquiries please feel free to contact us from the website. We hope to see some of you in the woods for another successful year full of memories here at MOSS 94. Thanks, Graham Read More


Its food plot time here at MOSS 94. We are putting in place the food sources that will provide the nutrition to hold your next trophy whitetail. Our mineral stations are freshened up and really being hit hard. The bucks antlers are in the stage where they are rapidly changing every day. Check back soon as trail cam pictures should be posted in the near future of some nice Kentucky whitetails. Thanks, Graham Read More